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Politica de Privacidade

Privacy Policy

Questions and answers

Thank you very much for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy learning more about Nestlé Health Science, our products and services.

Nestlé respects your right to privacy in the world of the Internet, when using Nestlé websites to communicate with us. We have implemented all necessary measures and use our best efforts to preserve the security of the personal information you provide us. We always strive to comply with local privacy and protection laws for your personal information.

This Privacy Policy defines the data processing practices adopted by Nestlé in relation to the use of the Internet and any other electronic communication networks.

Thus, it is of fundamental importance that you know that Nestlé Brasil Ltda is in charge of controlling your personal data. In essence, this means that we are responsible for the personal information you are providing to us. The principles set out in this Privacy Policy apply to all those whose job it is to control this type of information in the Nestlé Group.

The answers below can inform you about your rights related to your personal information, and the steps Nestlé takes to preserve the privacy and security of that data. We hope you find this information useful.

In case of any request regarding your personal information or any questions regarding the practices described here, we request that you contact Nestlé through the e-mail address falecom @


We have prepared this Privacy Policy in order to facilitate your consultation to find the answer to a specific question.


1 - What personal information does Nestlé collect through this website and how is that information collected?

We only collect the personal information that you are willing to provide us or that is necessary to improve the services we offer you. We collect direct personal information such as name, email address and indirect information via cookies; your connection and information about your computer system.
You can provide us with your e-mail address, name, phone number, etc. so that we can send information about our products and services; enter you in our contests or surveys; or just keep you up to date on the exciting advances that Nestlé has achieved and that are of interest to you.
In addition, you will be able to develop your career at Nestlé and apply for the positions offered by Nestlé, by sending your resume to our online recruitment sites.
Nestlé takes all necessary measures to preserve the security and privacy of all personal information submitted

2 - How does Nestlé preserve the security of your personal information?

Nestlé takes all necessary measures to preserve the security and privacy of all your personal information. Only authorized personnel from the Nestlé Group, Third Parties - Companies that are not part of the Nestlé Group - (service providers) authorized personnel from our business partners (who, under a confidentiality agreement, agree to preserve the security of all information) have access to your personal information. All Nestlé personnel are obliged to observe the Nestlé Group's Privacy Policy, as well as all employees of third parties who have entered into confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with us. In addition, Nestlé maintains confidentiality agreements with third parties from companies that have access to your personal information, to ensure that the security of that information is preserved. To protect your personal information, Nestlé has a secure Information Technology environment and takes all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access (for example, intruders, hackers, etc.).
Please refer to Question 4 - Who does the Nestlé Group allow access to your personally identifiable information and why? .

3 - For what purpose does Nestlé use your personal information?

Your personal information will be used for the sole purpose for which you provided it to Nestlé. This information will also be used to administer, provide support and obtain your opinion regarding the level of our services and to avoid security breaches, which is the regulation of the provisions of our contracts

4 - To whom does the Nestlé Group allow access to your personally identifiable data and why?

Nestlé will never disclose your personal information to third-party business organizations (not belonging to the Nestlé Group) who wish to use it for direct marketing purposes, unless you give us express authorization and specific to do so.
Considering Nestlé's policy on: (i) direct marketing via email; (ii) your right to request Nestlé at any time that NO no longer contacts you through direct marketing via email; and (iii) exercising your right to have your personal information deleted from our systems - please refer to Questions 8 and 5 respectively.
Nestlé may grant access to your personal information to other companies in the Nestlé Group. Nestlé may also disclose your personal information to Third Parties not belonging to the Nestlé Group in the strict circumstances and specifically limited to the conditions below:

- We may provide your personal information to Third Parties (such as our Internet service providers) who help us administer this website. Some of these business partners may be located outside the Brazilian territory, from which you accessed this website. Please refer to Question 6 - “ Which countries will your personal data be sent to and why? ” These Third Parties must, at all times, provide the same levels of security that Nestlé adopts to preserve the privacy and security of your personal information, processing it in strict compliance with specific Nestlé instructions.

- We may also provide your personal information to government agencies and law enforcement agencies if we are required to do so in compliance with applicable laws; or in accordance with our criteria in good faith, such disclosure becomes reasonably necessary to comply with legal processes; in response to any legal actions or claims; or to protect the rights of the Nestlé Group, its customers and the general public.

- We may, in determined and restricted circumstances, provide your personal information to potential buyers of any of Nestlé's businesses, provided that (i) Nestlé has ensured through a confidentiality agreement that the privacy and security of such information is preserved; and (ii) when providing such personal information, Nestlé does so in accordance with applicable local law.

5 - How should I proceed to access, rectify or delete the information I sent to Nestlé?

In several countries, you may exercise the right to require companies (such as Nestlé) to provide you with all the information they have about you. The laws of some countries may require payment of a small fee to exercise this right. In addition, you may require through the electronic address that your personal information be deleted, rectified or revised or even by mail to Nestlé Consumer Service, Caixa Postal 21.144 - CEP 04602-970 - São Paulo - SP or by calling 0800-7702411.

6 - Which countries will your personal data be sent to and why?

Since Nestlé is a globalized company, your personal information may be transferred outside the country or to countries that have data protection laws that differ from the country in which you have provided your personal information. This information can also be transferred between the different Nestlé Group companies located in different countries. Nestlé takes all appropriate measures to preserve the security of your personal information, both during transit and at the point of receipt.
The server that makes this website available may be located outside the country in which you accessed this website. This provider has contractual obligations that ensure a high standard of privacy protection and require (among other provisions) that it only acts upon Nestlé's instructions and continuously implements all the technical measures necessary to preserve the security of your personal information.

7 - Cookies ("Search Technology”) - How and why does Nestlé use cookies?

Nestlé uses search technology through "Cookies" to collect personal information such as the type of browser and operating system you use on your computer, reference page, path through the website, ISP domain, etc. to get a better understanding of how visitors use this site. Cookies help us to personalize this website according to your personal needs.
Nestlé maintains all information collected through cookies, in a format that prevents personal identification. This information will not be disclosed outside the Nestlé Group or the Third Parties we designate, nor will it be used for unsolicited communications.
In addition to your IP (Internet Protocol) address, the cookies on your computer do not contain your name. After the visiting session ends, the information contained in the cookies will no longer be available to Nestlé.
We recommend that you ensure that your computer's settings reflect your willingness to accept or decline cookies. Your browser has features that can warn you before accepting the receipt of cookies, or you can simply configure it to refuse them, despite the fact that you may not be able to access all features of this website if you do so. There is no need to have cookies to use or browse through the various pages of this and other Nestlé sites. Remember that if you use different computers in different locations, you will need to ensure that each of your browsers is configured to reflect your preferences regarding cookies.

8 - Electronic Marketing - What is Spam, and what is Nestlé's attitude towards unsolicited advertising emails?

Spam is the term used to describe unsolicited e-mail messages, containing advertising or marketing-related materials, which are sent to a person without their consent.
Nestlé DOES NOT send messages using the Spam device, and it uses anti-spam tools to protect its employees against these messages. Sending messages without the recipient's consent is considered illegal in many countries. Nestlé will not use your personal information (nor your email address) for direct marketing or sending communications, unless you give us EXPRESSA authorization. This condition is known as “Opt-in”.
In addition, Nestlé does not disclose your personal information to third party companies (not belonging to the Nestlé Group) that may use your personal information to send spam.
Nestlé websites offer you the opportunity to receive marketing information by email. All emails sent by Nestlé contain the option so that at any time you can let us know that you no longer wish to receive our emails.
If, for any reason, you believe that you have received spam from any company in the Nestlé Group, we ask that you inform us immediately about what happened at the address shown. For additional address details, see Question 5 - How should I proceed to access, rectify or delete the information I sent to Nestlé?

9 - How long does Nestlé keep your personal information?

Nestlé may store the personal information you send to us through this website in its databases. Your personal information will only be kept by the Nestlé Group for as long as reasonably necessary, taking into account our need to answer questions or solve problems, provide new and more improved services and comply with applicable legal requirements. This means that we may keep your personal information for a reasonable period after you have stopped using Nestlé services or this website. After this period, your personal information will be deleted from all Nestlé Group systems.
We recommend that you remember that we have the right to delete your information at any time. See Question 5 - How should I proceed to access, rectify or delete the information I sent to Nestlé?

10 - What is the policy adopted by Nestlé in relation to children and young people under 12 who use and communicate with our sites?

We are of the opinion that it is very important to protect the privacy of children who surf the Internet and to encourage parents or guardians to devote a little of their time to surf the Internet together with their children to participate and monitor their online activities.
On our website, we collect personal information from children in strict compliance with all local laws applicable to children's privacy rights. In order to register, the child must provide the email and name of their parent or guardian in order for Nestlé to send a notification.
Sites specifically aimed at children

Special note for children under the age of 12.

If you are under the age of 12, we recommend that you speak with your parent or guardian BEFORE providing your personal information to Nestlé websites. If you are not sure if you understand something in this section, you should ask your parent or guardian for help.

Special note for Parents of children under the age of 12.

We recommend that parents / guardians regularly check and monitor the use of e-mails by their children, as well as other activities carried out over the Internet.
We ask that you make sure that your child does not provide us with any personally identifiable information online without first asking for your authorization.
All visitors under 12 years of age will be asked to provide their parents 'or guardians' email. This requirement is made so that we can send a notification to parents or guardians.

11 - Nestlé has links that lead to non-Nestlé sites, and what happens to my personal information when those connections are made?

Nestlé has links that lead to other sites to offer visitors the opportunity to review interesting and pertinent information related to Nestlé. Links to Third Party websites (not belonging to the Nestlé Group) are not under our control and are not covered by this Privacy Policy. If you access other sites through the links on our sites, the operators of those sites may collect your personal information. We ask that you accept the Privacy Policies of said Third Party sites before providing any information of a personal nature. Nestlé is committed, as far as possible, to ensure that all links that lead to sites not belonging to it have equivalent measures to protect your personal information, but we do not assume any legal or other responsibility for the activities, policies of privacy or compliance with the privacy levels of said Third Parties.

12 - What happens to my personal information when I email a Nestlé website page to someone else?

Some of our sites offer the ability to send an address on a website to another person. In order for this resource to be used, it is necessary to collect data regarding your e-mail address and / or the e-mail addresses of the recipients of the Internet page being sent. The address data that is collected in this way is not used for any purpose other than to fulfill your request. These email addresses are not stored and are deleted immediately after your request is fulfilled.

13 - What will happen to my personal information if I participate in a Nestlé online survey, through this website?

We may occasionally ask visitors to our site to answer some research questions. In general, these searches are related to the content of our website, our products or product categories. We may ask for your age or age group, gender, and / or other information that does not personally identify the visitor. In these surveys, we may add the information obtained through cookies to the responses you provided to the survey, but we will not ask for any information that would allow your personal identification. The personal information we collect will not be associated with any of the personal data you may have already provided to us. However, despite the fact that personal information collected through surveys and surveys is intended solely for Nestlé's internal use, Nestlé may share the aggregated information (unable to enable the personal identification of any individual) with third parties.

14 - What is Unique Registration?

To facilitate the registration process, we use a unique registration tool on all Nestlé sites on the Internet. This tool allows the information you provide to us when you register on our site to be automatically made available for your use when you are registering on other Nestlé sites. Your personal information remains protected, and we always ask for your express consent or "opt-in" so that you can receive information from other Nestlé sites, before your address is included in any mailing list.

15 - Can Nestlé modify the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy?

Nestlé may make occasional changes and rectifications to this Privacy Policy. We ask that you regularly read this Privacy Policy to be aware of these changes and how they may affect you.

16 - Where can I find more information about legal issues related to Nestlé websites and what are my legal rights and responsibilities?

This site is governed by Brazilian law and is subject to those laws.

17 - What is the contact address (es) with Nestlé, in case other questions arise regarding my personal information?

The addresses are: , Nestlé Consumer Service, PO Box 21.144 - CEP 04602-970 - São Paulo - SP and by calling 0800-7702411.

18 - What are the legal terms and definitions used in this Nestlé Privacy Policy?

The term Personal Information or Personal Data means any and all information related to your individual, which is able to identify you directly or indirectly. On Internet sites, this information is typically represented by your e-mail address.
The term Personal Information Processing means any single or joint operation that may be carried out with your personal information, regardless of whether it is performed manually or automatically, including collection, recording, classification, storage, adaptation or modification, retrieval, consultation , use, disclosure through transmission, dissemination or any other means of making such data available, alignment or combination, blocking, deletion (that is, effectively any activity that Nestlé will carry out directly or indirectly in relation to the personal information you send us ).
The term Data Controllership means the organization that independently or jointly determines the objectives and means of processing your personal data, which in this case is Nestlé Brasil Ltda.
The term Third Parties means, for the purposes of this Privacy Policy, any company that is not under the direct or indirect owner control of Nestlé Brasil Ltda.
The terms Nestlé and Nestlé Group mean for the purposes of this Privacy Policy, Nestlé Brasil Ltda and all of its affiliated companies (over which Nestlé has direct or indirect ownership control) as appropriate to the context.

19 - IMPORTANT - Why am I required to accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy?

Nestlé is a globalized company that uses the Internet to collect and process your personal information, a fact that naturally involves processing and transmitting your personal information across international borders.
This Privacy Policy provides all the information you need (in an easily accessible format) to make an appropriately reasoned decision whether to use this website and whether or not to send your personal information to Nestlé.
Therefore, when deciding to browse through this site and communicate
electronically with us, you are aware of and agree to our processing of your indirect personal information (cookies, information about your connection and system used) in the manner described in this Privacy Policy.
If you are asked to provide a specific service (for example, a contest, information or details of new products, etc.), we will need direct personal information (such as name, address, and email). In this case, we will ask for your express authorization before collecting and using your personal information. This personal information will be used for the sole purpose of fulfilling your request.
In case of doubts related to this Privacy Policy, we request that you contact Nestlé at the addresses provided in Question 5. We will be happy to clarify any other doubts you may have.

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